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Detention Officer
Title:Detention Officer
Department:Sheriff's Department (Jail)
Job Type:Full-Time
Job Title: Detention Officer
Department: Sheriff
Location: County Jail
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Reports to: Chief Correctional Officer
Under direction, performs security work in maintaining order and supervising prisoners in the County jail during assigned shift.  Work involves responsibility for maintaining security in the County jail by supervising the movement, conduct, work, discipline, recreation, and custody of prisoners.  Assignments are performed under the supervision of a higher ranking officer and are reviewed through conferences with a superior and on the basis of results achieved.  This is a 12 hour nigh shift position.  Must be available to work every other weekend.
(All duties listed may not be included in any one position nor does the list include all tasks found in a position of this class.)
A.        Security and Inspection.  Stands guard in the County jail and work areas.  Inspects quarters, facilities, and work locations for unauthorized materials.  Checks sanitary conditions and fire and safety hazards, such as unsafe tools and equipment.  Makes reports on irregularities.
B.        Supervision.  Escorts individuals or groups of prisoners to work assignments.  Maintains order and discipline during work and during bathing, meals, and recreational activities.  Ensures prisoners meet institutional standards of conduct.  Keeps perpetual count on assigned prisoners.  Supervises work crews of prisoners.  Acts as food service supervisor during meals.
C.        Administrative.  Processes incoming prisoners which includes booking, fingerprinting and photographing.  Takes custody of personal effects.  Administers prescribed medications.  Maintains records of prisoner activity.  Performs related work as required.
A.        Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.  Ability to supervise and control prisoners individually and in groups; ability to think and act quickly during an emergency; and ability to follow oral and written instructions.
B.        Education and Experience.  Must be a high school graduate or equivalent, and any combination of training and experience which provides the ability to perform job specifications.
C.        Special Requirements.  Must be at least 19 years of age.  Applicants must possess a good driving record and pass a background check  Alabama drivers license required, or must be obtained by employment starting date.  Must be able to do ten push-ups, fifteen sit-ups and run one mile in twelve minutes.

$ 29,972.80 annually



Full-Time Employee Benefits Summary

Healthcare Insurance: Blue Cross of Alabama administered through the Local Government Health Insurance Plan (LGHIP).

Coverage Type

Employee's Premium

County's Contribution

Single Coverage Bi-weekly Premium

$ 46.00

$ 179.00

Family Coverage Bi-weekly Premium

$ 93.50

$ 455.00

Dental Coverage: Dental coverage is included with LGHIP through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. LGHIP manages dental costs and provides enhanced dental benefits using negotiated discounts with in-network dentists. To locate in-network dentists go to Assuming the services are covered you will normally only be responsible for out of pocket.

Life Insurance: Madison County provides $25,000 in life, $25,000 in accidental death and dismemberment and $25,000 line of duty insurance to eligible employees in certified positions.

Employee Retirement Plans: Employees are required to participate in the Employees Retirement System, which is administered through the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA).Employees participate at one of the following levels:

Tier 1: An employee who had service credit in RSA prior to January 1, 2013 and contribute at a level of 5% per pay period. *The County contributes at a rate of 10.89%.

Tier 2: An employee who was hired on or after January 1, 2013 and contribute at a level of 6% per pay period. *The County contributes at a rate of 8.42%.

*Contribution percentage is set by the Retirement Systems of Alabama and changes annually.

Employee Clinic: Madison County employees and dependents over age 12 may use the Employee Health Clinic for the low co-pay of $15.00 per visit. To be eligible to use the clinic, the employee and dependent must be enrolled in Madison County’s health insurance plan as their primary coverage.

Voluntary Plans are also available:
*Additional life Insurance for employee and dependents
*Flex spending accounts (healthcare and childcare)
*Vision insurance
*College Counts

Holidays, Annual Leave and Sick Leave:
*Minimum of 10 holidays per calendar year
*Accrue 8 hours of annual leave and 8 hours of sick leave per month



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